Arkansas College saves $300,000 on Janitorial Services

Pulaski Technical College in Arkansas recently used eBridge to manage an RFP for Janitorial Services. The eBridge sourcing team brought 10 suppliers to compete for their business. The eAuction lasted 52 minutes and 186 bids were placed, including 82 time extensions. The final spread between first and second place suppliers was only 0.65%, showing that the school achieved true market value. In the end, the school saved over $300,000 vs. budget, a 17% savings on the previous contract. The Director of Purchasing, Tim Walbert, had this to say about the process: “Thanks again for providing a seamless, user-friendly process, and for saving our institution several hundred thousand dollars!”

5 Ways a Hospital System Benefited from Partnering with eBridge

A healthcare system with over 2000 beds partnered with eBridge to establish a contract for trashcan liners. Six qualified vendors placed 134 lowering bids during the online reverse auction, and the winning offer created a net savings of 13% or roughly $55,000 per year. But in addition to saving money, the eBridge process helped their procurement team created value in 5 additional ways.

  1. The IDN reduced waste by over 20% (according to director of Environmental Services), by buying liners in rolls rather than flats—flats are harder to store on ESD carts, and are easily scattered and lost.
  2. Reduced the number of SKUs from 21 to 10, so the staff has less inventory to track.
  3. Increased recycling and lowered waste hauling costs by buying clear bags instead of black. Recycling company will not accept black liners, and as more waste is sent to recycling, the client pays less for the municipal landfill service—and less waste goes to the landfill.
  4. Improved quality of office can liners from 0.3 to 0.7 mils, so bags will be less likely to tear, cause spills, etc.  Case weight increased from 7.7 to 17.9 lbs.
  5. Established better terms by consolidating purchases to one primary vendor, and locking in pricing for one year, rather than remaining vulnerable to price changes every 3 months.

The eBridge customized RFP process is about much more than price.  We help our clients procure the right products and services, from the most qualified vendors, with the best contract terms—helping their procurement team capture cost savings throughout every step!

Lexington KY Saves $44,000 Keeping the City Clean

Lexington-Fayette County Government partnered with eBridge to purchase street sweepers and save the city some money while they do it. Having already saved on two previous projects (road salt & digital security) the County Government knew the eBridge process was effective. The reverse auction event helped them to save $44,000 or 7% on the purchase of the street sweepers, showing that eBridge can deliver savings on a diverse set of projects.

Franklin County Saves 14% Taking Out the Trash

Franklin County Board of Supervisors, MS on their second event with eBridge wanted to procure a new Garbage Truck for the county. After working with eBridge, 4 participating suppliers were gathered for the reverse auction event. In total, 60 lowering bids were placed with 33 first place turnovers. The final spread between bidders of only 0.0009% showed that Franklin County had achieved true market value. The county was able to net $18,000 or 14% on budget.

Carroll County Mows Down Prices With eBridge

Carroll County needed a new flail mower for the city and turned to eBridge to help them procure it at a great price.  eBridge worked with the county to source 12 suppliers of whom 4 participated in the auction. The auction lasted only 50 minutes, but saved the county $25,000 on the purchase. The auction had 57 lowering bids including 15 turnovers and 28 extensions. In the end, the spread was only 0.008% between first and second place bidders, saving Carroll County 13% versus budget.

Louisville Metro Saves Again On 24th Auction With eBridge

Louisville Metro is a longtime partner of eBridge and has saved on products ranging from police vehicles to road salt. This time they needed to purchase 1,000 digital cameras and cases, and so once again turned to eBridge to find them a great value contract. This auction had 7 suppliers competing for their business and the incumbent  supplier won the business.  Overall, Louisville saved $64,000 (35%) on the purchase, and got to stay with their current supplier.

City in Florida Finds More Savings with eBridge

After partnering with eBridge for the 8th time, a Florida City finds even more savings using reverse auctions. Having had other successful projects (fertilizer & cement), the city once again turned to eBridge to find a supplier for its flooring project. In a quick auction of only 31 minutes the city was able to save 7% on the flooring project. The auction had 29 bids from 5 participating suppliers.

Oregon City Saves 35% on New Benches & Bleachers

A city in Oregon partnered with eBridge to purchase benches and bleachers at fair market value. eBridge worked with the city to gather 7 participating suppliers for the reverse auction event. After 364 separate bids, 43 extensions, and 35 first place turnovers, the city was able to save $26,000. The final spread of only 0.0013% showed they had achieved their goal.

Poultry Supplier Saves 13% on Pallet Wrap

A Minnesota poultry supplier saved 13% on their pallet wrap purchase after partnering with eBridge. Through the use of eBridge’s reverse auction event, the poultry supplier was able to stay with his current vendor, but at a reduced cost. The auction lasted only 38 minutes but had 72 bids, 17 extensions, and 11 first place turnovers. The final bid spread of the auction was only 0.0185%.

Frederick County Schools Save 65% on Tires & Retreads

Frederick County Public Schools saved $162,500 on their purchase of tires and retreads. In just 52 minutes of auction time, the public school system was able to save 65% on budget with the help of eBridge. The 4 participating suppliers held a competitive auction with 181 bids including 14 first place turnovers. The final spread of 0.0009% showed that the school system was able to capture market pricing.

Michigan City Saves Some Green on New Painting Contract

A Michigan Township came to eBridge to procure a contract to paint its Water Storage Tank. After identifying potential sources, eBridge hosted a reverse auction for the participating 3 suppliers. After the 373 bids were placed, the Township had saved over 13% on budget equating to almost $17,000. The auction had 88 first place turnovers, and the final spread was only 0.0074%.

School District Paves the Way to Huge Savings with eBridge

An Illinois school district saved $114,000 on a paving maintenance contract in a reverse auction with eBridge. Thanks to the reverse auction event, the school district saved 48% of its budget. The 8 participating suppliers offered up 843 bids in only 31 minutes, including 68 first place turnovers and 11 extensions. The final first-second place spread was only 0.0061% confirming that the auction helped them achieve true market value.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Saves Half a Million with eBridge

The Federal Bureau of Prisons saved $484,000 on a roofing project using eBridge’s reverse auction services. The 15% savings on budget came from a competitive auction among 4 participating suppliers. There were a total of 129 bids with 101 extensions before the final close. In the end the 16 first place turnovers lead to a spread of only 0.0041% between first and second place, showing that the Bureau achieved true market value.

South Carolina Materials Management Office Keeps the Lights On with eBridge

eBridge partnered with the State of South Carolina to purchase light bulbs, lamps, and ballasts for the Materials Management Office. eBridge helped them to save over 4% on the total purchase which equated to over $100,000 in savings. The auction lasted for 61 minutes including 56 lead turnovers and 67 bids placed. After the 3 participating suppliers finished bidding, the spread between first and second was only 0.0051% showing that true market value was achieved.