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IL City’s Water Tastes Better With Great Savings 4 Years in a Row

Even though it is their 4th year using eBridge for their Water Treatment Chemicals, the savings are still pouring in for a city in Illinois.  This year, the reverse auction process saved them approximately $184,800 on their four chemicals.  Nine suppliers placed 136 bids which allowed for true market value to be found with a spread between 1st and 2nd place of 0.76%.

Happy 7th Annual Road Salt Reverse Auction

An Indiana county has partnered with eBridge to run reverse auctions for their annual road salt purchases for seven consecutive years.  eBridge has continued to find market value for this Indiana county year-after-year and this year was no different.   At this point, you could call us both experts when it comes to road salt.  This year, 6 of the suppliers sourced by eBridge met the Buyer’s minimum requirements and were approved to participate in the bid.  During the 45 minute auction, the 6 competing suppliers placed 187 lowering bids resulting in first place changing hands 68 times.  If awarded to the low bidder, the buyer will save $5.77 per ton over last year’s price.   We are happy to again report that a great partnership and the reverse auction continue to produce savings.n

eBridge Cements a 14.5% Savings for the City of Lakeland, FL

In their 6th event, The City of Lakeland, FL used eBridge’s reverse auction services to procure their annual supply of Portland Cement. The 3 participating supplier placed 23 bids, with 5 first place turnovers and 8 time extensions. The competitive event led to a true market value of 0.01%, and a 14.5% saving on their budgeted value. The City of Lakeland, FL was pleased with the results, and it will quickly go to award.

Carroll County, Maryland Partners with eBridge Again

Carroll County, Maryland, participated in their 3rd event with eBridge’s reverse auction technology, to purchase rock salt. There were 5 participating suppliers with 49 overall bids. 1st place changed hands 9 times, with 10 time extensions. The high-low spread was a mere 0.19%, reaching a true market value.

City Public Works Department Saves 16% vs. Budget with eBridge

A Kentucky city public works department ran a fully-managed purchasing event for the procurement of chemicals through eBridge Monday to achieve a savings margin of 16% against their budgeted amount. 7 total suppliers participated in this event During the event, there were 141 total bids placed, 19 first place turnovers, and 16 bid extensions. True market value was achieved through a 1st – 2nd place spread of less than 2%. This event truly models the potential of the eBridge team to deliver remarkable results to our clients. With initial bids of over $100,000 this event finished with the lowest bid coming in at $38,700.

eBridge assisted with this event from start to finish, leading throughout the entire process. We added value by sourcing additional suppliers, writing and developing specs, and training the buyer and suppliers. eBridge has extensive experience running a variety of auctions for municipals, as well as Fortune 1000 companies, medical centers, and Universities. We have run over 1300 fully-managed purchasing events such as this one, and can help any company achieve remarkable results.

Fortune 500 Company Runs Purchase Through eBridge

eBridge recently completed a direct purchase bid for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.  The bid was for a component part and involved suppliers bidding from three continents.  There were 62 bids placed, with bids coming in significantly lower than the company’s budget.  eBridge conducted individualized training for the vendors and hosted the entire event through its secure website.  The buyer didn’t have to invest in any additional software or staffing to run the event.  In the end, the purchasing company estimates that it saved over $1 million by using this process and is currently looking at future bids on which it can partner with eBridge.

Using Reverse Auctions to Purchase Water Treatment Chemicals

On Tuesday, a water district partnered with eBridge to purchase three different chemicals for their water treatment plant via reverse auction.  Originally, the bid was for a two year contract.  However, the water district and eBridge collaborated and determine the best strategic approach would be to bid the project for just one year because chemical pricing was trending higher than average.

The three chemicals were bid per pound.  Eight suppliers placed a total of 188 bids on the three line items during the bid.  First place changed hands 35 times.

At the conclusion of the event, the buyer saved 10% versus their previous contract, with one chemical’s pricing coming in higher than expected.  Due to the volatile nature of chemical prices, reverse auctions are ideal for this type of commodity, giving the buyer confidence they are buying at market.

City Government Uses Reverse Auction to Purchase Chemicals

A medium-sized city recently partnered with eBridge to purchase water and waste water treatment chemicals.  The chemicals included: chlorine gas, liquid caustic soda, liquid alum, hydrofluosilicic acid, aqua ammonia, activated carbon, polyaluminum chloride, potassium permanganate, chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, HTH granular and HT 3″ chemicals.

The 13 suppliers placed a total of 319 bids on the  12 chemicals.  First place changed hands a total of 50 times throughout the one hour, 18 minute bid.  At the conclusion of the event the lowest spread between 1st and 2nd was 0.01%, indicating true market value had been found. The overall budget was $172,000 with the final low bids totaling $169,022.

Chemical Bid for Kentucky Utility Saves Eleven Percent Using Reverse Auction

A Kentucky utility recently partnered with eBridge to purchase water treatment chemicals.  Thirteen suppliers participated in the bid for a variety of chemicals.

Throughout the course of the reverse auction bidding event, 640 bids were placed and first place changed hands 105 times, showing the suppliers were actively competing for the business.

The estimated savings on the thirteen chemicals at the conclusion of the event was 11% versus least year’s budget.

Midwestern City Uses Reverse Auction to Purchase Water Treatment Chemicals

A Midwestern city partnered with eBridge to purchase water treatment chemicals a total of 12 suppliers participated in the event, placing a total of 231 consecutive bids.

In a reverse auction, suppliers have the opportunity to place subsequent lowering bids for a product or service.  In this case, several different water treatment chemicals.  First place changed hands 29 times, with the clock extending 94 times.

Because the price of chemicals is volatile, it’s important to note that first and second place suppliers were less than .2% apart, indicating true market value had been achieved for the purchase.

The city was very pleased with the bid and will run several more items through the process in the future.